One important step in the process of producing a theatre performance is to create a poster. Most often you make the poster long before you even know how the show will look like. To be forced to make something that concrete in such an early stage, to see it before it happens, to fantasize, to make it representative for what you want to do – is something that is very hard – but very important for the remaining process. To visualize the core of an idea early on is something that benefits all projects. It pushes you to take some decisions and give you a direction of where to go next.


  • Place a large paper on a big table!
  • Participants should grab equipment (such as images, texts, colors, photos, objects) that they feel represent the core of your project (30 min)
  • Put all the material on the big table. Make a collage of the material you find that describe the mood or feel of your concept. (20 min)
  • Have a look at your moodboard and pick three things that stands out. (30 min)
  • Analyze these 3 main things and combine them into 1 idea. Visualize this 1 idea in a new way. Be creative! (60 min)

Facilitator’s role:

  • Keep track on time! The time frames are there to push the creativity.
  • Find some theatre posters that can inspire the work!

Whenever you might feel off track later during the process, you have a compass to pick up and guide you.