Create new ideas that you never thought about before. Bonus: Laugh and have fun in your group while you learn more about yourself and the group.



1) Start by putting up a large paper on a wall (at least A1 size)

2) Get in to character by changing your mindset and try to think like another person. E.g imagine that you are a child, a lawyer, a salsa dancer or why not a superhero? The ambitious ones can also dress up as their chosen character to give extra effect to their brainstorm.

3) Start by drawing your thoughts on the paper. Let’s say you have chosen to be a dancer, then you could for example dance salsa while you draw your ideas on the idea-mindmap. Be sure to take turns in the group.

4). When the time runs out you should kill your darlings and select the best idea by using Idea voting.


  • Think and play around as much as you can.
  • Use a lot of colors when you draw the mindmap.
  • Always build on the ideas of others in order to make this a crazy idea-mindmap


  • Forget to challenge your comfort zone by choosing new characters.


Total time for the brainstorm will be 1 hour. A 45 minutes session with a 10 min break, 15 minutes to kill your darlings.

During the break you need to do 5 handstand pushups times 3. Take a glass of water and start again. The purpose with this energizer is to get blood to your brain as well as helping you stay in shape.

Facilitator’s role

Take time on actual brainstorm and to signal when it’s time for a break. The Facilitator should also bring props for the people in your group to fully get into their characters.

Reflection questions

  • How was it?
  • Did you feel that this was valuable for your work? In what way?