When your project needs a twist or action, 120 Rooms is a perfect method. The purpose is to get the group to think about sub-targets for actions in projects or processes.


Imagine you had a house with 120 rooms to fill with anything, and each room must have it’s purpose. 120 Rooms is an idea generation method using imagination and creativity to enable people to change perspectives and think crazy. But it’s not only about generating new rooms – it also deals with thinking about which actions could fill each room.


  • Challenge your perceptions.
  • Use your imagination.
  • Think crazy.


  • Don’t leave any room empty.

Facilitator’s role

The facilitator gives the instructions to the participants and make sure that they follow the rules. It is the facilitators role to make sure that the reflection will be performed.

Reflection questions

  • Why did you think we did this?
  • What learnings do you take with you from this exercise?
  • How was it?
  • Do you want to change something before next session?
  • Did you feel that this was valuable for our project? In what way?