The beta testing period is coming to an end

For a bit over a month now, we’ve had some friendly external folks helping out with testing our site and giving us valuable feedback. This is for me, unfortunately, something that I haven’t done a lot professionally prior to this project. I can definitely recommend anyone to get an outsider’s input on what you’re creating. […]

Let’s design this baby!

Today me and Robin had had our first design meeting in Stockholm. I’m proud to say we managed to stay quite focused on HOW we’re gonna work. But of course we could’t stay away from making some rough logo drafts.

Underneath the surface

This post is a tribute to all the great, license free and open source, code we’ve used to get this site up and running. These platforms, plugins, scripts, snippets and apis etc. have saved me as a developer a ton of time and hardship, so I think they and their authors deserve some acknowledgement. What […]

Applying for funding, part 1

In may 2011 we started to talk more concretely about Project of How.  Emelie and I met up many times that summer. Google docs and Skype was the tools we continuously worked with during the application phase. Google docs allowed us to work simeoltaniously on the text together sitting next to each other or having […]