Quick introduction

This model keeps your idea organized by building ideas around 1 subject.

My advice is to use this method after you have created a creative brief from your debrief, in order to know what your focus are. It can be a digital area, a word or anything else as long it works with the debrief.


1. Start with an area of focus, e.g. Digital Media in the middle.

2. Fill the center with your focus of choice.

  • Social Media
  • App
  • Interface
  • Flash mobs
  • etc.

3. Create ideas around each individual subject. For instance – Social media.

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • etc.

4. Choose the best areas of focus and create 8 new focus fields around this subject. The focus can become new ideas.
5. Repeat the step until all areas are covered.

What is interesting with this process is that you can get a tangible sense of direction from which you can create ideas. Once the lotus is unfolded you can pick out the section that is relevant for your project, and start to create a brainstorm or research session with the different focus areas.

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