Quick introduction

A fast energizer to get your team’s energy back.


Stand in a circle. One person starts off by shouting ‘NIPPON!!’ while making an angry face, a downwards O with both arms and bends the knees. After this, the others in the circle copy this. Then, the NIPPON-initiator starts air-punching someone next to him using a ‘Huh’ sound. The receiver copies this.

The receivers neighbour can do the same or choose to throw a spell across the circle. This happens by raising the hands above the head and throwing an imaginary item to that person while shouting “ATA- NAMA!’. The receiver has to defend ‘his house’ by raising his hands above the head and make a roof shape while shouting “SINSEI KINOMO!” and bend the knees.

If the receiver hesitates or uses the wrong words, he is out of the game. Before leaving, he needs to dance a humiliating dance. After a person is kicked out, anyone can start the game again.

Movie by: Morten Kühl Christensen

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OMG! haha! totally did not get it by reading at first. then i saw the video and it made sense.

Can you write a intro? I feel like it needs some explanation before “stand in a circle”.
Something like “this is a game about using the right words and movement, bla bla, take a look here”

Then put the instructions under the video.
Added “game” to tags

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