Create new ideas that you never thought about before. Bonus: Bigger understanding among cuisine du monde and music.


Before starting, all participants have prepared a dish or a drink from another country, which they are bringing to the potluck and a song to go with theme. The taste has to be a culture-specific taste. For example: brie cheese could represent France and chicken masala would represent India, etc.

  1. Everyone in the group writes down 3 problems on a note and then put the note into a hat.
  2. Get inspired by the music and the color, taste and form of the -food and find associations to solve your problem. Write down your ideas on notes and say them loud for everyone to hear. Choose a new problem after 5 minutes or when you get stuck. Think big with no limits and remember to use Say yes! And…(http://projectofhow.wpengine.com/methods/say-yes-and/)
  3. Choosing your idea:
    – Collect the notes that you want to keep.
    – Choose your favorite solution and write it down on a new note.
    – Select your final idea by using the Idea voting (http://projectofhow.wpengine.com/methods/idea-voting/)
  4. When you you have your final idea ready, the group should divide into groups of two.
    Each group will then open up the final idea and brainstorm for another 10 minutes. And the present it for the rest of the group. Each group have 1 minute present their solution.

    Optional: Tweet your idea – Use your network to share you’re idea in order to keep others building own it and to get some feedback.

  5. Make a prototype of your idea.


Facilitator’s role:

Take time and to signal when it’s time for a new problem or task.


2 hours, preferably doing an extra long lunch.

Reflection questions

• How was it?
• Did you feel that this was valuable for your work? In what way?