The How Focus looks at how things are done and why they were done that way. When we think about How we look at the surface and see the result, but what we seek to understand is what’s underneath – the process that supports it all and how that works. While it’s important to know What happened, here we deal with How it was performed and how that can be better understood.

We believe that if you get a deeper understanding of How you do things, you can also do better in the end. Understanding How is to be agile and being able to solve problems with greater flexibility. Just like with the tip of an iceberg, the end result is only the smaller part of the greater whole. By going below the surface and seeing the process and multitude of skills combined that together amount to something that’s possible to grasp, that is to have an understanding of How.

If we can bring the whole underlying process into light we can do things better. Clarity gives improved results and empowers people to solve problems with greater understanding. That is the How Focus.