There are 4 methods to find the idea that creates the best environment for group work. When you’ve found the ideas, measure again or tweak it in order to make sure it fulfills these needs:

Time, Money and Scope – all that is necessary in order to make the idea possible and realistic to the client link.


Do you feel passionate about the idea? If you don’t, the group will most likely fail, and the client will notice it.


Boil the ideas down, because many of them may be similar and can make the core idea stronger without killing them off.

Debate team

Pick a side with one of the ideas you like and then have a debate around your choice.


Rate the ideas from 1-10, base your rates on logic (see the Logical list):
Scale up the ideas, that will create a strong picture of how it can work.

In this process you have to observe 1 thing. What do the team members base their decisions on – is it from the client perspective or a personal one? This can create friction in the settlement of the idea. If this happens, try to compare the arguments against each other, and determine how every decision should be made, personal or professional.