Use this method when you want to come up with new ideas or extend/develop old ideas with new thoughts.


Pin or tape up about three to seven flip chart pages around the room. Have enough flip chart pens so everyone can write on these. It’s good to have a mixture or colors.

Start with drawing a doodle on one of the papers. Let the participants start to extend the doodles. The idea is that people will add to what is already on the paper. The assignment is done when all flip charts are full (but not overloaded) with doodles.

Ask people what shapes they see in the pictures, what it reminds them of and then how this can be brought back to create ideas to solve the problem at hand.


  • Think crazy
  • Use a lot of colors
  • Use a lot of paper to draw different doodles on


  • Be structured
  • Let everyone participate

Facilitator’s role

The facilitator starts up the exercise and have the responsibility to capture and sum up the ideas and solutions that come up during the task. The facilitator should encourage the participants to think crazy.

Reflection questions

  • Why did you think we did this?
  • What learnings do you take with you from this exercise?
  • How was it?
  • Do you want to change something before next session?
  • Did you feel that this was valuable for our project? In what way? If not, why?